Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have been meaning to knit a Bauble for quite a while now, but I wasn't pushed into action until a recent personal crisis--go on, pick any one of them--coincided with close proximity to a bead store. Picking out beads took a l.o.n.g time, and stringing them all took even longer (although listening to the audio version of Deathly Hallows kept things interesting during the process). Then I knit up my long string of beads--which took only a few minutes; looked at my finished bracelet and--I hated it. It was way too big and clunky for my tiny wrist, and the bead sequence I used resulted in uneven clumping of the larger beads.

I frogged the whole thing, which was quite an interesting process given the stretchy string, and began to experiment with other ways to knit it up. Three stitch I-cord? Too bulky. Two stitch I-cord? Looked weird. I finally just cast on about 16 stitches using the backward loop method, and then cast them all off again. The resulting bracelet looks like this, when worn on my very hairy arm:
I'm feeling so-so about it. But I'm still experimenting. My version of the bracelet took far less than the three-plus yards of beaded cord, so I tried doing a simple crochet chain stitch with my leftovers. So far I like the results better than those from the "cast on, cast off" method, and I'm thinking this might make a good necklace. (Please excuse the blurry pic.)

I hope I find something that works, because I purchased a ton of beads in an entirely different colorway to make something for my mother for Christmas. Ack!

Unrelated note: I have extended the deadline for entering my Craft Room Contest--click on the link for more info.