Friday, June 29, 2007

Craft Room: The Contest

ETA 8/14/07: I am extending the entry deadline in the Craft Room Contest, as several people missed the original post and have asked if they can still play. Since the start of the project was delayed and I have not yet blogged about my progress (or lack thereof), I will now accept entries up until 8/31/07. The winner just might get some sock yarn.....

Having recently won two contests in the blogworld, I decided it was time to hold my own. As you know, I'm redecorating our guest room to make it into a craft room. I am still in the planning stages, and I don't expect the actual strip-the-wallpaper-and-paint-like-crazy stage to begin for a few weeks, given that vacation plans and family commitments take priority. But--I need to stay motivated so that I can have a workable space by Labor Day Weekend (the first weekend in September).

One of the creative challenges of this project is that I need to stay within a very limited budget, mostly because there are other household projects that require funds right now. But I also don't want to rush out and buy more Stuff to fill my house; and I am committed to re-using and "re-purpose-ing" as many household items as I can. Although the temptation to plan an immediate road trip to IKEA is strong, I am holding off for a bit until I see what I can do with what I have.

So here's the deal. Guess how much money I will spend on this project. The person who comes closest, without going over, will win....something. Something involving yarn and/or fiber, and probably something chocolatey as well.

What You Need To Know:
1. I tend to be frugal, although I occasionally splurge on a special item.
2. I have an attic full of inherited junk stuff.
3. The room renovation will include: stripping of wallpaper (4 walls); repainting of walls and trim; window treatments for three windows; new lighting; and re-painting of some furniture.
4. I do not need to buy/find any furniture for the room other than a bookcase or two, and possibly a small chair.
5. Any items I have owned for more than a year do not count toward the total cost. This includes stash fabric or items gathering dust in other rooms.
6. If I take anything from another room that must be replaced with a similar item (such as wire shelves or a lamp), then the replacement cost of that item will be included in the total cost.
7. So far I have spent a whopping $3.50.

How To Play:
1. Send an e-mail to emmabean99 AT with "craft room" in the subject line. The message should include your guess for the total cost.
2. E-mails must be received by July 8th, 2007.
3. E-mails will be directed into a special folder and I will not look at any of them until Monday, September 3rd. At that time I will announce the winner!*

And just to inspire you, I present my future sewing table:
Which, by the way, was free.

*Please note that I may have to be out of town for a bit this summer due to my father's illness. If this delays the completion of the craft room, I will hold off and announce a winner at the end of September.