Friday, June 29, 2007


Thanks for all the kind thoughts and ideas. (Carole, the Craig's List idea was particularly good--I never would have thought of that!) We are now officially regrouping and moving on. As I told some other Internet friends, I may be a whiner, but I'm a resilient whiner. Wink

The current plan is that we will head up to the White Mountains in NH and spend a few days there. One of DH's coworkers nicely offered us the use of his ski condo, which is about five minutes from Storyland (kids' small theme park). There are also some kid-friendly hikes and lots of outdoor things to do in that area. From there we may meander north to see my family, or we may head to Vermont to visit some friends. It will be a week of wandering about and "playing it by ear", which is a challenge for my planning-obsessed self, but it has the potential to be good. Not what we planned, but good. (Any yarn store recommendations for that area? I might need some souvenirs.)

I am still sad because this was the first family vacation we had planned that felt like it really would be a vacation for ME. As many of you know, "vacations" with young children are often just "parenting in a place where you don't have all your stuff" and they can be more stressful than relaxing. So I was looking forward to Star Island because I could be with my children, and enjoy them, but also get lots of down time where I could sit in a rocking chair on a big porch, look out at the ocean, and knit. It's hard to let go of that. So yes, I am counting my blessings and I am thankful that we can plan a nice alternative vacation, but--well. I'm done with the whining.

The somewhat funny bit is that I am renowned among my family and friends for having "cursed" vacations, beset with inclement weather, sick children, and lack of sleep. So today I looked at the weather forecast for home and it was lovely.

The weather forecast for New Hampshire? Rain.

Hey, at least Storyland won't be crowded.