Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Good, The Bad, And The WTF

The Good
: I'm still here! And I'm fine!

The Bad: I've been a pretty sucky blogger this year.
I hope that Santa will still bring me some knitting stuff.

The Good: During my blog absence, there has been some knitting and felting and crafting. Woo-hoo!

There are cotton chenille washcloths to be gifted.

There are snowmen to share with friends.

There are ferocious mittens that ate my daughter's arms. (Hopefully they will soon be felted into docile mittens that will fit my coworker's hands.)

The Well-Intentioned But...
My final gift from my Secret Snowflake at work. (AKA "What happens when nice Muggles buy yarn--and random needles--instead of gift cards.") The stitch markers and the double points will be useful, but the yarn may continue on to a new home.

The Good: The bathroom renovation continues, and now includes running water!
The Bad: But no shower.
More Bad: Or, um, tile.
DH really planned to get the tiling done before now.
But then the dryer broke and he had to take it apart.
And the bunkbed ladder fell apart and had to be repaired and glued.
And--oh right--he had to take care of the kids so that I could go to spinning guild. (Which is WAY more important than finishing the bathroom, right?)

Maybe Santa's elves know how to install tile?

The WTF: My 6-year-old came home from school today and proceeded to tell me all that she learned about alcohol and drugs today in her health class.
I guess I should be glad she learned about them from the gym teacher and not from her peers, but since when do they talk about drugs to first graders?
She now plans to count every drink I have over the holidays.