Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lions and Spelling and Botox, Oh My

My five year old recently started reading, which is an exciting adventure for all of us. She has also been doing some writing. This usually entails her following me around the house asking, "How do you spell "animal"? What's the letter after N? And is that the one with one bump or two?" However, the other night she was on her own while her father and I were busy, and she had to figure out the spelling puzzles herself. The result was this:

At first glance I thought the top line read, "I want Botox", which I found a bit alarming.

With help from the little translator, I learned that the top line is supposed to say, "I want to go to Africa," while the second line reads, "I want a lion to be my pet."

I was duly charmed.

But we're not getting a lion.

Or Botox.