Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Found My True Love On The Internet

And it arrived on Valentine's Day, after traveling all the way from Red Bird Knits.

It's just a little something I ordered two weeks ago when I was feeling somewhat bitter blue about not being able to attend SPA this year. You know, when my kids were sick and I was drowing my sorrow in vodka coffee, and I was envisioning all those crazy knitters and spinners spending a fabulous weekend in Maine, trampling each other in order to buy some Fleece Artist fiber.

There was no consolation, other than to get on the internet and order me some love.

Meet my skein of Handmaiden seasilk, in the Vintage colorway. The colors in the photo aren't quite true; it is a blend of purple, wine, gold, and a little red.

It is so soft and yummy that I just want to wear it around my neck and pat it.

For now, I'm just going to keep it close to my heart. But eventually I will knit it up. The question is, what should I do with 500 meters of heaven? Something simple like a mini-clapotis? Something complicated like the "Lead Or Follow" lace scarf? (I bought this pattern years ago but was intimidated when I realized that it was "knitted lace" instead of "lace knitting." See Lorette's post here for more details on the pattern and for a gorgeous picture of her completed scarf.)

Anyone else want to offer an idea?

And oh--my Olympic Knitting Project? I have moved on to Plan C. Progress is slow and I'm not sure I'll make the deadline. And the seasilk keeps trying to lure me away. Details to come soon.