Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Small Cures For The Winter Blues

Currently in the Knitterpated home, it is All Snot, All The Time. My youngest has a double ear infection, and between that and my own cold, I am buried in tissues and greatly lacking in sleep. But! Lest you think I am whining yet again--I bring you a list of small things that eased my blues a bit today.

1. This morning my daughters performed an improvisational dance to various Christmas carols after raiding the dress-up box.

2. Yesterday my "Secret Snowperson" at work gave me this cute little bag. It was full of not-too-fabulous shower gels and such, which I promptly gave away; but the bag itself is just perfect for a small knitting project. Currently you can see a wildly striped Sock One, which is destined for my five year old as soon as the toe is kitchenered. (Oh, and I suppose I have to knit Sock Two. Hmm.) And you can also see the beginning of a new Ruffles scarf, because--like the Yarn Harlot--I believe that the Christmas season is not complete without casting on at least two new gift items in mid-December. And maybe another one sometime around, oh, Christmas Eve.

3. I visited the bead store this weekend (shut up! I'm plugging my ears! I can't hear you!) and picked up the supplies to make these silly earrings. (Twelve pairs. So far I've made one. Let's not go there.)

4. I am listening to this audiobook and it is hilarious. Although it makes me crave doughnuts. (And Ranger, for those of you in the know.)

5. Today I figured out how to use our new digital camera, which was an early Christmas present from my generous MIL. ("Figured out" means that I managed to take a couple of pics and successfully upload them to my computer. It does not mean that I have any clue how to use any of the other buttons or fiddly things.) It is much smaller and lighter than our previous camera, and I think that I'm going to like it. And I might even read the manual.

6. Emily's art quilts are enough to make anyone's day a little brighter....and did you know that PBS is heading to her house with a film crew on Friday? To feature her in a television show? Go cheer her on!

What things are cheering you during this crazy time?