Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm Glad He Wasn't Present When I Was Born

Once a month I teach my five-year-old's Religious Education class at our Unitarian Universalist Society. We use a Montessori-based curriculum called Spiritplay where the teacher (aka "the storyteller") tells a story in a certain way, using props, and then encourages the kids to respond by making statements that begin with "I wonder....". The stories are drawn from various religious traditions as well as picture books, fables, myths, etc.

Anyway. Last week was my first time as the Storyteller, and I told the story of the birth of Jesus to a group of ten K-2 kids. I thought it went quite well. At the end I made various statements like, "I wonder who else was present when Jesus was born", and "I wonder if Jesus's parents knew how important he was", and the kids all had great, creative responses.

Then I said, "I wonder who was present when you were born?" And one six-year-old girl looked at me with an absolutely straight face and responded, "George Bush, I think."