Wednesday, July 13, 2005

5000 Yards of Laceweight

As promised, here is a picture of my recently navajo-plyed merino/tencel handspun.
The singles were overspun, I didn't use enough twist while plying, and the plying tension is whacked because I really need a tensioned lazy kate. BUT: it is my first skein of handspun since 1999, so I plan to love it unconditionally and to pet it a lot. (No, this isn't the 5000 yards of laceweight. Keep reading.)

The weather is gloomy today but my mood got a little brighter when the mail was delivered. My package from FINALLY arrived (twenty days after I placed my order) and I immediately dropped the baby on her head put the baby down and ripped into it like it contained thousands of dollars in unmarked bills calmly opened it. The yarn is soft and gorgeous, but there is one problem, as you will soon discover.

Here are skeins of the three yarns that I ordered. On the left is laceweight wool in the color Violetas. Absolutely yummy, and destined to be a shawl for me. In the middle is more laceweight in the color Alpine, which will be a gift for a friend if I can part with it. On the right is some lovely yarn in Saphire Magenta, which is supposed to be a superbulky weight.

See the problem? (Click on the picture if you need to see the bigger version.)

I now have five skeins of bright magenta and green laceweight wool. That's oh, about 4250 yards of yarn. Now, while I think this colorway would look fabulous in a comfy, bulky wool jacket for my toddler--which is what I had planned-- I'm not so sure that I really need a shawl (or a bedspread) in these colors. So back it goes. Thankfully, the folks at handpaintedyarn have been very helpful and responsive so far, so I'm hoping we can sort this all out. Unfortunately, it seems that they may no longer have any superbulky in this colorway in stock. Sigh.