Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nope, No Curtains Shawls Being Knit Here.

The five skeins of magenta and green laceweight yarn have been sent back. Although Lee Ann suggested that I use the yarn to make hand knit curtains, I decided that, um, the colors weren't quite right. Besides, I would want to use laceweight handspun for that, don't you think? Definitely handspun. Maybe she'll make me some on her spindle. (And Beth, I had already thrown the yarn in the mail before I saw your comment. Guess you'll have to get your charkha up and running!)

I should note that Mariana at has been very responsive and helpful in getting this sorted out, and that she has already shipped out the five skeins of superbulky yarn that I originally ordered. So would I recommend this company to others? Yes, because the yarn is lovely, and the colors are fabulous, and because they have been so quick to make things right. However, a word to the wise: be sure to allow two to three weeks for processing and delivery. This isn't the place to order from if you want to start a project Right This Minute.

So I've been doing a bit of knitting here and there, and yesterday I decided that I needed a couple of unique stitch markers to mark the center stitch of a project. So I rummaged through my craft closet up stairs, found some supplies, and came up with these. Aren't they cute? And they took about two minutes to make. I see more of these in my future, they make such fun gifts for fellow knitters.

And what's that purple project on the needles? must be the the sweater for DH that I need to finish. Yeah, that's it.