Sunday, March 13, 2005

One Of Those Weeks

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the kind where the kids are sick, and work is crazy, and everything you touch spills/breaks/blows up. Where you meet the new neighbor by backing into his car. Needless to say, when the universe is in this sort of a pattern, it's a bit dangerous to pick up knitting needles, even if you should find the time to do so. I did find a few moments to knit here and there, but I made the stupid mistake of doing so while hanging out with my preschooler.

Bad plan. It might have been okay for stockinette stitch, but not for "A Good Bias." So last night I knit merrily away for an hour and then realized I had made a mistake the previous day...a small mistake about three inches below the current row. I wavered, I hemmed, I hawed, and then I made a trip to the frog pond. Sigh. I'll spare you the pictures, you've all been there before. Let's just say that I'm barely 75% through the first sleeve of my shrug, while Emily is 75% finished with the whole garment. But hey, it's not a contest, right? As the hostess, I will generously let you all surpass me. (It's sort of like my theory of housekeeping. I figure that the purpose of NOT cleaning my house is so that all my friends can feel good about their own houses. They can go home and tell their partners, "Well, honey, our house is virtually spotless compared to Katy's house." You get the point.)

Beth has also started her shrug, using black evening wrap, perhaps? No news from the other knit-along-ers as of yet. If you've started your shrug, give us an update!