Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Two More Things That Have Nothing To Do With Knitting

The first: I found myself quite bemused by an article in the newspaper today about the lard crisis in England. Yes, "lard" and "crisis" together in the same sentence, and it's not an article about dieting. It seems that there is a shortage of porkfat over there across the ocean this year, causing much distress to all holiday bakers. I'm not sure why this whole thing amuses me so much. I mean, my grandma used lard in her pie crusts and they were pretty darn good, so I'm not opposed to lard or anything...not that I can use it now, with a vegetarian husband and all. But a Lard Crisis. Good Golly. Now if there was a Chocolate Shortage then I'd really be worried.

The second: I am finding it very hard to concentrate on my work this evening, because there is a newly arrived package from parked near my front door. I know what is in it, because I picked it out. It is my Christmas gift from DH, also known as a PalmOne Zire 31. A PDA for me, the knitting/math/gadget obsessed wife. And I Want It Now. I am having flashbacks to my childhood, when the first twenty-four days of December seemed to last as long as the first eleven months of the year combined. Maybe I could just slide one of the sides of the box open and DH would never know. I could just peek at, you know, the packaging and all. Sigh. I guess I'll just go read reviews of knitting software for PDA's instead.