Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Curse Of The Second Mitten

I really really thought that I'd finally have an FO to blog about tomorrow. Two, actually. I even had the photo shoot and the cute caption all planned. Yep, the mittens for DD were done except for the thumbs, and I figured that a little "ER" knitting (and okay, I'll admit it, maybe some "Apprentice" knitting too) would wrap those babies up. Only then I made the mistake of comparing the two mittens. And--you guessed it--they weren't the same. I screwed up the thumb gusset on the second one--it was definitely several rows too short. I tried to convince myself that it was still perfectly usable, and that it was just for playing in the snow, and that no one would ever notice. And then I cursed and ranted and frogged the second one down to the beginning of the thumb.

I didn't take pictures. I was too depressed. I mean, Stephanie can churn out Latvian mitten after Latvian mitten, even with three kids and a job and a book deal, and I can't even do one small pair.

Someday I'll have an FO to report. I promise. Probably at about the same time that my nursling sleeps through the night.