Friday, October 19, 2007

Melody's Katy's Shawl

I actually finished a knitting project.
I know, I can't quite believe it.

It is my version of Melody's Shawl, from Morehouse Merino*. This project is knit in the round and then you cut it to turn it into a long rectangle. It was a little scary to cut across my knitting, but the end result is great. The yarn is lovely and squooshy and light. The original pattern called for straight stockinette, but I thought I would be bored by rows upon rows of that, so I added a chevron pattern every third row to keep it interesting. I only worked on this project when I was traveling or gabbing or needing something mindless to work on, so it took me over a year.

I will probably have this tossed over my shoulders at Rhinebeck, until I get too warm; and then you will see it sticking out of this bag:

Picture of my kids is from our trip to The Big E. Aren't they silly?

*For those going to Rhinebeck--Morehouse Merino has coupons available on their website, and they have lots of beautiful scarf and shawl kits!