Friday, June 15, 2007

Musings & Plans

I have had this blog for almost three years now: how is that possible? I haven't posted often, but I have enjoyed sharing my projects and thoughts and vents with the blogosphere.

That said--it is clear that my knitting and spinning time have been quite limited of late, and I haven't had much to share in recent months. I compose many blog posts in my head but I never seem to find the time to actually type them on the computer. I have contemplated putting the blog on hiatus, or just closing it down; but I would be sad to see it go. So I have spent some time thinking about what I would like the blog to offer me, and what I hope that it will offer to you. And one word keeps popping up: inspiration.

This year I have thought a lot about what inspires me, on all different levels. So many of you inspire me with your fiber creations. Other bloggers make me think about the politics of food, and about my consumer habits. Still others make me think about my parenting, and my spirituality, and my politics. I feel like I am always collecting thoughts and ideas and tucking them away for later use; like I am slowly nurturing a supply of creative energy that will burst forth in the near future. As my youngest child leaves toddlerhood behind, I find that I can take a breath amidst the parenting-young-children craziness and start to think about what I want to be, and do, when I grow up. Now I need to find the motivation and time to bring some of my ideas to fruition.

My "off-line" goal for the next year is to create a studio space in my house where I can create. Not just a table tucked in a corner, but a planned space with lovely things arround me, and room to have all my supplies nearby. A place to retreat, but with room for my children to create with me on occasion. Something like this, or one of these.

I am lucky enough to have an actual room to work with, at least until our girls are older and demand separate bedrooms. But trust me, it's not exactly an inspiring space at the moment. My craft table currently looks like this:

And here's a closer look at the current wallpaper, which is decidedly not lovely:
So I have a lot of work to do, on a very limited budget. I will definitely need some inspiration!

My blog goal for the next year is to find a way to share this creative process in a way that will feed your creativity as well.