Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Wednesday, In 5 Parts

1. Knitting Content:
the lovely waist shaping on Eris
This partially done sweater has been hibernating for many months. I am in a groove right now, but as warmer weather hits it might be relegated to the WIP pile again. Yes, I am that fickle.

2. I Love Me Some Baked Goods
And I also love this fabulous new website: Bake and Shake
Be warned: this site is not for those who disapprove of fattening food or salty language. The pictures are so decadent that you will gain weight just by looking at them; and the text just might make cupcake crumbs come out of your nose. (Found via BoogaJ--thanks!)

3. I Love Me Some Veggie Sushi, Too
So I made some! This was my first attempt, so it's not too pretty; but it tasted darn good. (The reason it is on an ugly plastic plate is because it was en route to a friend's house. I had lots to give away because DH and the kids wouldn't even try a taste!)

4. Admiration.
I am lusting after this Celtic Dreams sweater. Sigh.

5. WTF
Overheard by DH on the bus yesterday:
Man #1, on seeing Man #2: "Hey! You got out of jail!"
Man #2: "Yeah! It seems like everyone is getting out of jail these days!"