Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Friday

1. First fiber-y "green leaf" of the year: Fleece Artist merino roving, first bobbin

2. Am I the last one to know that the USPS 2007 holiday stamps will include knitted images? (link thanks to martinimade)

3. As lovely as they are, cheap cashmere sweaters actually come at a high cost. I am guessing that many of the newer, "affordable" cashmere blend yarns fall into the same category. Anyone know more? (link via Pocket Farm)

4. Those of you with children: remember that first month with a newborn baby (or newly adopted child)? Remember how you were so tired and your world had turned upside down? If yes, then go give Mindy some congratulations and encouragement. She has just made it through her first month as mother to her beautiful son Liam. And she's finding time to knit!

5. Hey all you locals: when are we having a spin-in?