Friday, January 26, 2007

Perfect Match: A Geek And Her Gloves

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Hobo Gloves--Details:
Pattern is my own, with guidance from Interweave Knits Winter 2003. I chose to use a 24-stitch palm gusset for the thumb. I would probably reduce it to a 20-stitch gusset if I was to make another pair.
The cuffs are K2P2 ribbing, 60 stitches on size US2 needles, with a twist of the knit stitches every fourth row. I used the magic loop technique, which made it fairly easy to knit the fingers (no long double points to juggle on tiny tubes). Each finger is 17 stitches around and about 12 stitches long, and they are fairly snug on my small fingers, so those of you with bigger hands might want to size them up a bit. I offset the pinkie finger a bit, taking those stitches off and doing three more rounds on the rest of the hand before knitting the other fingers.
Yarn is Koigu (yum!).

This is a Flea ukulele that I ordered (as my holiday gift from DH) after being inspired by Dan Zanes' hopes for a musical revolution. It finally arrived a few days ago. The kids and I were singing silly songs within a half hour of taking it out of the box. The fingerings for the basic chords are very simple; they are different from the guitar, but having some guitar experience probably helped me to get up and running so quickly. (And hey! I can finally play an F chord!). So far it is a big hit, and my six year old is already trying to learn to play. I highly recommend it for any of you who are looking for a way to make music with kids and/or friends.