Monday, October 16, 2006

Ten Reasons Why I Haven't Updated My Blog

1. There is actual knitting (and spinning) going on, which keeps me away from the computer.

2. I'm too lazy to upload the pictures of my latest two FO's. (But stay tuned!)

3. I have to check out all the blogs on my Rhinebeck Bingo Card.

4. I have to get ready to go to Rhinebeck, which involves packing various bags for the girls (soccer, birthday party, etc.) so that DH can manage their Saturday schedules. ;)

5. I am paralyzed with parental angst over decisions regarding the schooling of my five-year-old.

6. I actually cleaned parts of my house. (If you don't believe me, just come lick my kitchen floor. Go on, it's THAT clean.)

7. I am planning a ridiculous birthday party for this Sunday for my soon-to-be six year old, which will involve a dozen giggling girls; mermaid decorations; recipes involving octopus shaped hot dogs; and games with names like "Seaweed Tangle". Said birthday has also required far too much time on the American Girl website and multiple trips to Target. Send help.

8. I caught up on the laundry. For one brief, peaceful moment, everything was clean, dry, and put away. It may never happen again.

9. I celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary by spending some time with my husband. Go figure, we still like each other.

10. I'm thinking about exercising.