Saturday, June 10, 2006

"140 Yards Of Freedom"*

I celebrated my recent birthday by going away for the weekend. By myself.

My first child-free weekend in oh, five and a half years.


I spent those precious hours catching up with a few good friends at my college reunion in Maine. I managed to ingest a ridiculously huge number of calories in two days time. In part, this was because I got to eat leisurely, uninterrupted meals. But it was also because I enjoyed meals like this one:

Mussels, corn, yummy salads, cornbread, fish chowder and--of course--lobster.
The many desserts are not pictured.

I have to say that my alma mater has a reputation for preparing fabulous food. It's a wonder that I did not gain fifty pounds in college.

In any case, the weather was rainy and cold and horrible, but the weekend was great nonetheless. I got a chance to catch up with my first-year roommates and some other special folks. It was a little strange to be away from my children, but after seeing all the other parents dragging their young ones through the driving rain--and then trying to keep them entertained during meals--I was so, so glad that I had flown solo.

I returned home to a wonderful birthday dinner, and a pile of gifts that included Mason-Dixon Knitting. All in all, a great birthday!

*Title shamefully stolen from Juno, who was actually referring to handspun yarn derived from a sheep named Freedom. But the line struck a chord with me in a very different way.