Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bloggers and Brownies

I haven't seen any plans for a blogger picnic at Cummington, so I'm making a proposal that we have a Bloggers & Brownies get-together at 1:00 on Saturday, at the tables near the food concession. (If there isn't room there, we can move somewhere nearby. It's a small festival, we'll be easy to find!) This is right near the building where they judge the fleeces, and right before the fleece sale at 2:00.

I will bring a pan of brownies. Anyone else want to volunteer?

Leave a comment if you think you can join us. And spread the word!

ETA 5/26: Someone shared a concern that bloggers shouldn't take up a lot of table space if they aren't buying food. My intention was that this would be a small gathering that could move off to the side as needed, and that we would just share some desserts. I do plan to buy lunch and support the folks who run the food concession as a fundraiser. And here's hoping that we don't have torrential rain!