Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seam Me Up, Scotty

Remember the Sunrise Circle Jacket? The one that was almost done?

Yeah, well. It is currently spending some time in the Naughty Chair. With a needle stuck in it.

It's pouting, can you tell?

The pattern is very clever and well written, but seaming up the finished pieces is a bit like putting together a puzzle. And I happened to choose a lumpy bumpy yarn that is uncooperative, and that makes seaming evenly a bit of a challenge. You know how red yarns just refuse to be photographed correctly? Well, this yarn refuses to be seamed OR measured correctly.

When I was seaming up the LAST few inches of the second side--and victory was so close I could taste it-- I happened to lay out the whole sweater on the floor, and something looked just a little bit...wonky. So I measured, and I pinned, and I measured again (coming up with completely different results than the first time); and I cursed, and I finally realized that I had totally messed up one of the seams. Not the seam that I had worked on carelessly, confidently, in poor lighting, in front of the TV, while it lay in my lap; but the seam that I had done methodically, slowly, in good light, spread out on the kitchen table. Figures.

One side was clearly longer than the other, from armpit to waist.

I spent a few minutes thinking about ways to lower one of my armpits.

And then--R-r-r-ipppp.

It was a long seam.

The new seam is about halfway done. But I thought I'd leave it a bit while I worked on something else.

That'll teach it.