Friday, April 21, 2006

Drive-By Blogging

So, Hi! I'm still here! The arrival of spring means that I am spending lots of time outdoors with my kids, and I cannot blog from the park (or even the backyard). Lots to blog about, no time to do it.

But there is occasional knitting. Including one completed Pine Tree sock that fits perfectly.

And the beginning of a mate.

And all the pieces of the Sunrise Circle Jacket are completed! So there is hemming and seaming in progress.

And there is Scribble Lace Gone Bad. (Details to come at a later date.)

There were also moments of panic when I thought that Webs had lost my registration to see the Yarn Harlot tomorrow. Since I had registered for two other people besides myself, and since the event is now "sold out", this would be a bad thing. But all is now well, and tomorrow Kelly and I will be amidst the blogging/knitting hordes.

Most exciting, there is now a hole where a tooth used to be.

And at some point I'll post the story about how the tooth fairy screwed up.

But! I need to go make enchiladas, and chauffeur children to soccer practice, and head out to a potluck dinner. Oh, and finish a sweater before tomorrow. More soon!