Friday, March 17, 2006

Objects On Blog Are Not What They Appear

I know what you are thinking. It begins with "J" and ends with "R" and has "aywalke" in the middle.
But you're wrong!
The pattern is actually Pine Tree Socks by Kim Salazar. I found this pattern a while back and put it on the "to-do" pile as it met my basic sock knitting requirements (toe-up and short-row heel).* Her photo shows the socks in a solid color, so I was not sure how they would look in a variegated colorway, but I'm pretty happy with them so far!

The differences between this sock and the Jaywalker pattern? First, this sock is knit toe-up, with no gussets; second, it has a plain foot; and third, the chevron pattern is a little different and includes yarn-overs (which maybe gives it a little more stretch?). I think that my next socks (!) will include elements from both patterns: I'll keep the toe-up construction, but start the patterning on the top of the foot.

Oh, and the toe? The pattern called for a figure-8 cast on (I think), but I found that frustrating on my last socks. So I tried the Turkish cast-on, using the great tutorial on misocrafty. LOVE it. So clever, so easy. Woo-hoo!

The yarn is Socks That Rock (in the Lagoon colorway) that I picked up at Rhinebeck last fall. I am using the Magic Loop method on size zero needles. Such sharp little tips they have. Even so, I must note that trying to knit the wraps on the short rows almost did me in. The idea of pulling that teeny, tiny, slippery loop through two wraps and another stitch seemed to defy the laws of physics. There was cursing, oh there was cursing. Thankfully, a tiny steel crochet hook (size 7) came to the rescue, and I made it through the heel. But--when the chevron pattern called for knitting two together--I made an executive decision to knit 2 through the back loop instead. I consider it a sanity-saving design feature. Because sock knitting is supposed to be fun, right?

Other knitting news: I am almost finished with the second front/sleeve of my Sunrise Circle Jacket. I'm determined to wear this jacket soon!

*Notice that I've only knit two pairs of socks in my entire life but that I have "sock knitting requirements." Hmm.