Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"It's Red And You Show It On Valentine's Day"

My five year old has just started reading, and she is always talking about which words begin with which letters. This is the conversation we had while drying off after taking a shower together the other night.

5yo: Mama, I know a part of your body that begins with the letter "L".
me: Umm...my lips?
5yo: No.
me: My legs?
5yo: No.
me: Hmmm. I think I need a hint.
5yo: Okay. It's inside your body and it's red.
me: (puzzled) My liver?
5yo: No. What's a liver?
me: I'll explain later. I think I need another hint.
5yo: Okay. It's red and you show it on Valentine's Day. And it begins with "L."
me: (starting to get a bit concerned about what she might be referring to): Uhhh...I don't know. Heart doesn't begin with "L", does it? Maybe you should tell me.
5yo: It's your LOVING, Mommy! It's inside your body and it's red like a heart, and you let it show on Valentine's Day!

Whew. My "loving." That's much better than some other options.