Friday, January 06, 2006

Bringing In The New Year in Four Happy Steps

1. A holiday gift to myself, purchased on a post-holiday trip to Webs:
a gorgeous "ribbon batt" from Foxfire Fiber in the North Wood colorway (Blue Face Leicester with a bit of Angelina fiber). Soft and sparkly.

2. Happy singles on the bobbin. This batt was a joy to spin, and I feel that my drafting has improved, as I had very few "breaks" while spinning and my singles were reasonably even. And listening to this book on CD while spinning definitely enhanced the experience.

3. The first completed skein: 2.5 oz (about 110 yards) of worsted weight yarn, Navajo-plied off a single bobbin. I am very pleased with it, especially as the skein is almost perfectly balanced. This is pretty much a fluke, as I am a completely unscientific spinner, but it's a very nice fluke nonetheless. To add to the fun, I got to use my nifty new tools to weigh the skein and estimate the yardage.

4. The Post-Spinning Fun: my five-year-old checks out the wheel (minus the drive band).

P.S. Don't you love how the colors in the yarn match the colors of my spinning wheel?