Friday, October 07, 2005

Slow And Steady Wins The Race?

So. Over the past two weeks there has been knitting, but no blogging. My new work schedule is kicking my butt and frying my brain, and the children have brought home many new germs to entertain us. On Monday I would have given almost anything to have someone watch my children for three hours so that I could curl up in bed with my down comforter and my trusty box of Kleenex. Alas, it was not to be, and we all survived.

On the knitting front, there is slow but steady progress on several projects.
(1) Eris
With 300 stitches currently on the needle, each row is taking me a while. I am particularly slow at purling. And my row gauge is a bit smaller than called for, so I am making a few adjustments. I reached the point where you take off stitches for the sleeves, but after doing so--and then doing some more measuring--I realized that I needed to do a few more rows. I was not anticipating this being a skin-tight sweater, and an inch of ease on a cardigan is just not going to cut it! But at least I can try this one on and make adjustments as I go.

(2) Sweater for older daughter:
Fronts and backs are done, shoulders are seamed, first sleeve is halfway done. I hope to finish this one within the next couple of weeks. (Yarn is wool-ease sportweight, 2 strands held together. Pattern loosely based on a chenille cardigan pattern from "Knitters Stash.") There is a slight--but solvable--problem with this one, which I will address in a later post so that you can all laugh at me.

(3) Jacket for younger daughter.
Completed except for weaving in ends, seaming, and buttons. (Yarn is thick-and-thin bulky from Pattern loosely based on the Rumplestiltskin jacket from "Knitters Stash.")

(4) Flora scarf.
This is my "travel" knitting, which I can work on during meetings and conferences. I am using some yummy alpaca that I dug out of the stash. I think I bought the yarn when I still lived in Vermont, which means probably 1997. It has aged well. I will probably add a strand of the mohair boucle when it is time to make the flower.

There are other projects languishing, just to provide proof of my descent into full-fledged knitting ADD.

I must confess that I am somewhat disappointed that I will not have a new handknit sweater to wear at Rhinebeck. However--I might have an interesting new bag.

Wish me luck.