Monday, September 19, 2005

Sometimes It's The Little Things

Other than feeling incredibly sad and outraged, my daily life was not greatly impacted by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Up here in New England, the devastation seems distant and surreal. Sure, I sent in some donations, and I sent three boxes of kid's shoes and clothing to a blogger in the south who offered to distribute them. But this week I had the chance to do something small for a particular New Orleans evacuee; and I appreciated being able to do something tangible.

One of my good friends grew up in New Orleans, and her parents evacuated the city before the hurricane. They took very little with them, expecting--like everyone else--to return within a few days. Once they realized that it would be months before they could return to their home (which appears, via satellite photos, to be still standing), they decided to head to our city and settle in for a few months. They found an apartment to rent, and many generous folks in our social network contributed dishes, clothing, and furniture to outfit them. They are well-educated, active people who are used to being involved in their community; and, thus, they have already joined a church, signed up for volunteer work in the local schools, and set out to make a temporary--but full--life here.

However, my friend's mother confessed to feeling a little bored. Years ago she used to knit, and she thought that she might find it a soothing and productive activity at this time. So she asked my friend if she knew anyone who could help her learn where the yarn stores were.

Oh, I can do better than that!

I was so thrilled to put together a "starter" knitting bag. At last, a use for some of those straight needles that my mom keeps finding at yard sales! Plus a tape measure, a Chibi needle, some loaner books and magazines, some catalogs, and some yarn to play with.

I hope to add some more yarn once I know what she likes to knit.

And I only wish that I could do more, donate more, and have more of an impact.