Sunday, August 21, 2005

Round and Round

Yesterday I took my daughters to a local children's museum. As we walked by this carousel on our way to the museum, my four-year-old asked if she and her sister could take a ride. I hesitated for a brief second--thinking of her aversion to loud sounds and her tendency toward motion sickness--and then I said "Of course!"

So. I put her on the horse of her choice, and I stood next to her holding my toddler (who wisely decided that she would ride on mommy's hip rather than a scary pony), and I crossed my fingers and hoped that I was not about to suffer the consequences of a child with a queasy stomach. Zoe's horse went up and down rather alarmingly as we spun around, so I kept an eye on her face, which bore a somewhat stricken expression.

"Zoe," I asked (or, rather, yelled over the din) several times, "are you okay?" Each time she answered that she was, and the fourth time she responded, in her best weary-and-annoyed teenager voice, "Mama, I'm OKAY. Why do you keep asking that?"

I replied, "because your face doesn't look very happy."

"Mama," she said, rolling her eyes, "It's just that sometimes my face doesn't listen to the rest of me."


I still can't keep my hands off Eris. But I did take some extended breaks to tend to my husband and children. I hope to finish the collar this week before we go on vacation.