Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cable Lust

I fell in love with Eris the moment I saw her: the swell of her cables, the curve of her neck.

I had been looking for "the perfect cardigan" pattern for a long time, and I knew that this was Ms. Right. My girl-crush of a cardigan.

The only question: which yarn to use? While I have a decent stash, I don't have many sweater-size lots of matching yarn. But I rummaged around to get some ideas, and I found two skeins of Cascade 220 in a lovely, heathery green. I had picked them up over a year ago at my LYS, planning to use them for a felting project, but now they were whispering "cables...cables..." in my ear. I carried them around for a while, wore them around my neck (to check out the itch factor, of course) and waited for them to entice me further. I didn't have long to wait. When I checked out the Cascade color cards online, and I found the name of color #9410, my decision was made: it is called "Celtic Green."

Of course, once I decided on the yarn, I couldn't find any more of it at a price I was willing to pay. My LYS no longer carries that color. The guys at Threadbear do carry that color--and their computer system told them that they had twenty-four skeins--but they could only put their hands on five of them. I finally found the yarn at Yarn Country, but I was a bit worried as I had never ordered from them, and their site is a bit, shall we say, bland. I also could not find any online reviews, on blogs or other sites. Was this a sham site, set up to steal the credit card numbers from desperate knitters? I didn't know, but the offer of free shipping put me over the edge. I decided to live dangerously. I ordered on Monday night, and my yarn arrived today.

In the meantime, I couldn't just sit around and wait for the yarn to arrive. I mean, four whole days? Let's get real. When the moment is right, you must cast on. So I crossed my fingers and cast on for the collar with one of the skeins I already had. I prayed that the new yarn would match the old yarn closely enough so that the collar would not stand out in a freakish manner. I think that my prayers were answered, although time will tell on that.

I love me some cables.

I want to knit cables all the time. I have forsaken the cooking, the laundry, the grimy children crying for attention. The house is falling down around me, and I don't care. These early days of passion are crazy sweet, and I am enjoying every minute. The design is ingenious, and the pattern is so detailed that I'm surprised Jenna didn't add notes such as: "Take a break here and get something to eat." Or "Now would be a good time to run to the bathroom." Because otherwise, you know, you might forget, being so caught up in the joys of new love.

The picture above does not show the color very accurately, but it was the only one where you could see the cables well. The true color is more like the picture below, which also includes the partially-done-and-currently-boring sweaters for my daughters. I have been trudging along on those as well, and they should provide me some good vacation knitting when I travel to visit the in-laws soon.

But oh! Eris is calling.