Saturday, May 28, 2005

Baa Baa Knitting Blogger, Have You Any Wool?*

Yes indeed, yes indeed, two bags full.

The spoils from Cummington: on the left, a bag of wool roving in a rainbow blend from Ancient Threads Farm, which will eventually be something fun for one of my daughters; on the right, six ounces of merino/tencel roving from The Sheep Shed in the Summer Fields colorway. (I had to get some of this because Cate raved about it so much. She's such an enabler.) As you can see, I hope to do some spinning soon, after a five year hiatus. We'll see if I actually remember how to do it.

*Notice that I did not ask, " Have you any yarn?" Indeed, I did not buy any yarn. Not a single skein. Not even the gorgeous sock yarn that I visited seven times during the day. So there.