Monday, October 18, 2004

Ode To Rhinebeck

Saturday at Rhinebeck was perfect as can be;
Yarn and roving everywhere, far as the eye could see.
To top it off, no preschooler or nursling came along--
This mommy had the whole day off, after far too long!

I spent the morning learning to knit wire strung with beads
From Annie Modesitt, who is a creative soul indeed.
And though for moments here and there I thought about defeat,
When the time was done, a necklace almost was complete.

The animals were great to see, the exhibitions great;
The artichokes were yummy, and the vendors were first-rate.
And, oh! The people watching: such fab sweaters, scarves, and shawls,
Plus funky hats and ponchos that you'd never find in malls.

I don't read many knitblogs, so imagine my surprise
When I turned and there was Claudia, right before my eyes!
She had no clue who I was, though she was very nice,
And drooling over roving briefly helped to break the ice.

(How strange to be a blogger, sending thoughts to cyberspace,
Then later meeting strangers who are familiar with your face.
Did all you famous bloggers get accosted left and right?
Do you now fear that crazed knitfans will trail you home at night?)

DH is glad, I spent my cash but left my cards alone;
No fiber animals joined me for that gorgeous ride back home.
I did get yarn for mobii, and felt needles joined my take,
Plus a gorgeous piece of dark green felt, a poncho for to make.

And now it all is over. Sigh. Another year to wait.
But all those happy memories will aid as I create!