Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Joys of Googling

Being a relatively new blogger, until a few days ago I had not yet learned the joy of people finding your site through Google. Lo and behold, shortly after I posted about "The Treasury of Magical Knitting", I got a comment from none other than the author of the book! How fun is that? My first comment on the blog, and it's from Cat Bordhi. (Maybe this will entice one or two of my other random readers to leave a quick comment. I looked at my stats, I know you are out there.) Thanks Cat!

Now, while I would never drop to the level of writing posts with certain catch phrases just to increase my Google hits, it does make me wonder what phrases would bring random (and unsuspecting) readers to the site. We know that "yarn and coffee" will most likely bring you to the Yarn Harlot's page, "Texas hotties" will give you Alison's site, and "yarn fetish" might bring up Stitchy McYarnpants. What about "vodka and knitting"? "Naked knitting"? Chocolate knitting fantasy?

Ah, the Internet. It boggles the mind. (Or is that "googles"?)