Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Triumph In Sockland

Version 3.1 of the Spiraling Coriolis Sock is a success. It is admittedly a bit snug going over my heel, but then it fits like a glove. (Or, well, like a sock.) Which is much better than the first few versions, which would not go over my heel at all.

See that little spiral going around? Ingenious! You can't see the top of the sock here because the picot edge isn't hemmed yet and it looks rather silly. And, in fact, I'm not sure I'm keeping the picot edge, which was my own modification; I may do something else with the top of the second sock and then decide which version looks best. Other mods included adding extra wing stitches (this will make sense if you have the pattern) and a few extra instep stitches as well.

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, received from Renee when I participated in the Yarn Aboard! swap. (Thanks Renee!) This is the first time I've used this brand of yarn, and it knits up nicely. The second sock is already on my needles.

This pattern was a bit of a pain the first time through, as I was learning a new cast-on, a new type of toe construction, a new sock architecture, and a new style of heel; plus the book is set up in a way that using the "master patterns" requires a lot of flipping around to different sections. However, the actual knitting was easy, once I had that "a-ha!" moment where I understood how it all came together. I will barely need the pattern for the second sock, and it will be great "mindless knitting" for meetings and such.

And for my next pair of Coriolis socks, I want to incorporate a cabled design, like these. (You should definitely click if you are a sock knitter--these socks are gorgeous!)