Monday, December 10, 2007

'Tis The Season To Be Frogging

Fa la la la la, la la la CRAP.

My WIP's are on Santa's Naughty List this month. I've warned them, over and over, that they better behave or I will write nasty things about them on my blog; and clearly they are testing me, waiting to see if I will follow through with my threats.

They will soon learn that while I have many shortcomings as a parent, lack of follow through on threats is not one of them.

So take this, you little snots.

First up: Morning Surf Scarf
This is a Christmas present for my mother (who does not read this blog). It is knit from merino/tencel handspun, and many months ago it had a brief mention on the blog when it looked like this:

I originally posted that photo so you all could play "spot the problem", the problem being that the first half of the scarf was clearly darker than the second half. This was a result of using two skeins of Navajo-plied yarn, spun from two different batches of a hand-painted colorway. (Lesson learned? Pull sections from all the bumps of roving when hoping to use all the finished yarn in one project.) I really did not want to frog the whole thing and start over, so I puzzled over it for a while.

While I was puzzling ("until my puzzler was sore")*, one of you very helpfully spotted a second problem, which was that I had messed up the repeats at one point in the scarf. Unfortunately, I did not see this problem until I had already cut the scarf so that I could do some creative grafting. And I hadn't cut it in the right place to fix the repeats. There was much cursing, and the scarf went into time-out for a lengthy period. I have now pulled it out so that I can finish it, and it looks like this:

Now it's time to have a drink and do some grafting--keeping in mind that one end of the scarf has 15 stitches and one end has 16, due to the nature of knitting blah blah blah mathematical madness.

Coming Up Next: My crush on Cat Bordhi that makes me persevere despite all knitting challenges.

*Anyone get the reference?