Sunday, February 18, 2007

When You Can't Go To The Fiber Retreat....

...then bring the fiber retreat home.

I hosted a spin-in last Saturday. At one point there were seven spinning wheels set up in my living room: perfect! It was very low-key, with lots of silly conversation about Mah-jong players named Sylvie. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but it was a great group.

Jess was spinning some glorious stuff and let us fondle her cashmere blend. (Jess, I feel much closer to you now. ) Cynthia finally "clicked" with her wheel and was thrilled to see the singles successfully winding onto her bobbin.

Kelly had her adorable hitchhiker wheel and filled up a bobbin and a half; her hands are a blur when she's spinning. I spun up a bit of a batt from Grafton Fibers that I bought at Rhinebeck. I am already dreaming of more batts from them, as they spin up so beautifully.

The next morning I walked by my fridge and had a good chuckle when I saw graffiti on my wipe-off board:

Thanks for coming, everyone--I had a great day! We definitely have to do it again.

In other weekend news, I decided to take the kids ice skating at the indoor rink on Sunday. It seemed like a great idea, until my six year old broke her arm. (She wasn't even on the ice at the time; rather, she decided that trying to run along the outside of the rink on ice skates was a fun idea. It wasn't the best decision she's made.) A few hours at the ER and one bright purple cast later and all was mostly well again. Kids sure do keep life interesting!