Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happiness is Koigu

I am in love.

Prior to last week, I was a Koigu virgin. But now there is no going back. There will definitely be more of this in my future!

This hobo glove may be the "fiddliest" project I have made yet. I am making up the pattern as I go--with the help of the Interweave Knits Winter 2003 magazine--and there has been some frogging and reworking. It's still not perfect, but I think it will work. I am considering adding a flip-off mitten cover, a la Colleen's Urban Necessity pattern, but I'm still not fully decided. More details to come once it's finished.

I have not blogged recently due to all the usual reasons but also because my bathroom looks like this:

If you look closely you'll see the remnants of the lovely turquoise tile that I have passionately hated for the past seven years. So long, farewell!

This means that we are in the throes of a major do-it-yourself project that is eating our brains and our time and our bank account. It is far from over. And did I mention that we have company arriving on Friday to celebrate an early Thanksgiving? And that there are mattresses in the middle of the upstairs hallway? And that this is our only bathing area?

Sigh. I'm off to the neighbor's house to take a shower.