Friday, September 15, 2006

The Good, The Bad, And The Complicated

Oh, right! I have a blog!


To update you on the craziness of the last few weeks of my life, I am borrowing one of Carole's favorite formats. There is, indeed, a small bit of knitting somewhere in the middle of this novella.

The Very Good:
Our annual August weekend in the Adirondacks, visiting friends at a Great Camp that used to belong to J.P. Morgan. (This is a picture of the guest cabin, not the main building, just to give you a sense of the size of the place.)

The Bad:
Returning home late Monday night, when you have to leave on Friday for a major family vacation for which you are not prepared, AND having to work Tuesday and Thursday.

The Really Bad:
When your refrigerator dies on that Tuesday.

The Really Really Bad:
When one kid has the stomach flu that Tuesday and the next one has it on Thursday, meaning that all sitters for the week must be cancelled and the working parent trade-off/juggling act ensues, and all vacation-related errands must be abandoned.

The OMG, Does It GET Any Worse???
The 5 a.m. drive to the airport with a vomiting child.

The Good/Bad/Complicated:
The cross-country obli-vacation* to Tacoma, WA, that involved a total of four airline flights--including one red-eye--with two children under six (one of whom threw up in the middle of airport security screening); one family reunion; one trip to the zoo; too much junk food; and way too much time in a minivan. There were some great family moments, such as DH's grandmother meeting the children for the first time, and some very stressful moments that are best left off the blog. There was also some (therapeutic) stash enhancement and communal knitting, which will be discussed in a later post.

The Inconceivable:
Spending a week in a house where there is no coffee, while dealing with jet lag and young children who are completely off schedule.

The Fabulous:
Having a Starbucks on every corner. No matter what you think of Starbucks, those baristas were my saviours on this trip. A therapeutic caramel macchiatto every morning did wonders for my mood (although not much for my waistline).

The Awe-Inspiring:
Mt. Rainier.
The Fabulously Good:
Returning home.

The Bad, Then Good, But Wait! Bad--No, Arghh!
Shopping for a fridge on a Labor Day Monday, when you are jet lagged, with cranky children in tow. Learning that the fridge can't be delivered until the following Sunday. Figuring out how to cook food that does not require refrigeration (or the use of condiments/sauces that will require refrigeration) for an entire week. Having DH miss the first UU services of the season to receive delivery of the fridge, only to get a call saying that the fridge was damaged in transit and a new one must be ordered. And it will be delivered in, oh, a week. Going fridge shopping AGAIN. Reworking entire Tuesday work and childcare schedule so that someone can be home to receive new fridge.

The Really Good:
And being able to cook real food again.

More Good:
Clapotis is finished, and I love it. (Paddington loves it too.) The yarn is silk garden colorway #34.

The Great:
A successful first week of kindergarten.

And More Great:
A much awaited first dance class.

And The Precursor of Greatness To Come:
More soon, including some FO's!!!