Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Out Of Nowhere

Every so often, when DH has a late meeting, I take my two little ones out for a "girls night out" at Friendly's, where we talk about such exciting things as Care Bears and upcoming playdates. Tonight, after a scintillating discussion about ice cream flavors, my four year old looked up from her Monster Mash Sundae and said, "Mama? How did people start?"
I paused, spoon midway to my mouth. "How did people start what?"
She sighed. "You know, Mama. A long time ago there were no people, and now there are. So how did they start?"
I thought for a moment. And I thought again. "Well, that's a big question, honey.
And it has to do with, um, Santa Claus. And, um, the Tooth Fairy. And, you know, magic.
Would you like more ice cream?"