Friday, July 08, 2005

Second, The (Blue) Calories

Okay, I'm done whining; you can all breathe sighs of relief. I'm still a bit blue, but you know, compared to 99% of the world, I have a pretty darn good life and I'm doing fine. Time to move on.

I did get some knitting and spinning done this week, but it's too dark and rainy today to take photos. Instead I will share a picture of my Secret Medicine For Curing The Blues:

It's homemade frozen yogurt, made in one of these with Banilla yogurt and fresh blue (what else?) berries.
The kids had great fun making it as well as eating it.*

*But can I just tell you how hard it is to find rock salt in June? When I ask for it in the stores, explaining that I need it to make ice cream, people look at me like I'm crazy. Does no one make homemade ice cream anymore?