Monday, July 25, 2005

Motherhood One, Two, Three: Fun News and Interesting Reading

First, the good news: Adrienne (who I met at one of the Yarn Harlot's booksignings) just had a baby boy! Go send her some congratulations, it would be fun to see her comments explode. Oh, and check out some of her essays while you are there. They are fabulous, and her first novel is going to be published next year.

Second, learning to raise perfect children: if any of you are wondering if you are (or have been or will be) an Alpha Mom, Julie (who is not a knitter but has a great blog) has some interesting comments about this feature article from New York Magazine.
(Personally, I think that my kids will someday thank me for not being an alpha mom.)

Third, the nanny diaries overturned (and distorted): I found a link to this essay on Suburban Bliss. Basically, this woman supposedly fired her nanny based on things she read on the nanny's blog. But all is not how it sure to read the nanny's rebuttal as well. (And Melissa provides some other interesting links.)