Saturday, July 02, 2005

Knitblogger Blues

~*~ with apologies to Sandra Boynton (" Those Dinosaur Blues"--scroll down for a soundbite) ~*~

I am a knitter with no time to knit
'Cause every time I try to sit
Little children crawl all over me.
I'm just so tired of the world
Taking up my energy.....

I've got the knitblogger blues
From my head to my shoes
Got some projects in hand
But they're looking so bland
Got those knitblogger blues.

I've got the knitblogger blues
Sleep or knit, I must choose....
And I can't knit at the beach
Must have small kids within reach
Darn old knitblogger blues.

Oh, why, oh why.....
Can't I give it a try
I need to get an FO
And post pictures, I know,
Or my readers will fly.....

I've got the knitblogger blues
There's no fun fiber news
But please don't all go away
Tomorrow is a new day
I'll beat those knitblogger blues.

I'm off to give it a whirl
Start with knit and then purl,
Blast those knitblogger blues.