Monday, June 13, 2005

Completely Biased

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Just to prove that I actually can finish a knitting project once in a while, here are the crappy pictures of my A Good Bias Shrug, in its rumpled unblocked state. The true color is somewhere in between the two colors in the pictures. (I cropped my head out of the front view picture because I was modeling the shrug in 90 degree heat and humidity after a day of dealing with hot and cranky children. I'm sure you can imagine what my expression was like.)

What I like the best about this shrug is the point in the back. Because I am short, this shrug provides almost as much coverage as a cropped sweater.

What I like least about this shrug is that it is a gift for my sister. So I have to pack it up and send it away. But I might just wear it show it around New England a bit first, because, you know, who needs a shrug in the summer in Maryland?