Friday, May 06, 2005

Snug as a Bug Lug in a Shrug

If you are confused by the title, you should have a little chat with my four year old, whose favorite request--for some unknown reason--is "Give me a hug, you big lug!"

It's finally time for the knit-along updates I promised. I am going to do my best to come out of my antihistamine-induced haze and write something interesting coherent.

So here goes: Jessica, Amy, Erica, and Beth have all finished! Jessica has some nice (but headless!) pictures of her modelling her shrug. Amy's shrug is a gorgeous color (Amy, what kind of yarn did you use?) Erica has not posted her final pictures yet, but she did put together a nice series of photos showing a grafting technique that uses waste yarn. It looks much easier than doing the "kitchener chant", so I think that I am going to try it when I get to that final stage. Beth has also not posted her photos yet, so go bug her about it. (She loves that.)

Elspeth has started her shrug using one of the new cotton yarns from knitpicks. (She also has a link to a new online magazine called Southern Cross Knitting. Definitely worth checking out, if you haven't already done so.)
Violet doesn't have any recent shrug news, but she just announced that she is opening a yarn store! Check out her blog and learn all about it.
We have also been joined by Kirsten; welcome!

And me? Well, my shrug is in the eighty-percent-finished-but-other-projects-are-calling holding pattern. I was hoping to give it to my sister for her birthday (which is May 17), but I think she might get it as a Happy Summer gift instead. I have been obsessed with working on a new project instead (more details soon).