Monday, March 28, 2005

First Shrug Sightings

Good thing it isn't a rule that the hostess of a knit-along has to finish first, or I would be in big trouble. (Although it might be a rule that the hostess actually has to finish the project, eh? Hmm.) In any case, Mattie has finished her Good Bias Shrug, and it looks fabulous. Mattie, do you love it? Any hints for the rest of us? Pam has also finished her variation on the shrug, and is considering making a matching tank to go with it. It looks great!

I have just finished the first sleeve of mine, but since I am too lazy to post a picture, you'll have to look at Christine's and Collette's sleeves instead. Jessica is joining us and is planning to use Elegance yarn from Knitpicks. (I have been eyeing this yarn for a while, along with the Shimmer, so you'll have to let us know how you like it.) If I have missed anyone's progress reports, please let me know; and those of you without blogs, please e-mail me to let me know how things are going.


In blog maintenance news, I have been hearing that folks have been having trouble leaving comments via Blogger's system. I also realized that I am not receiving e-mail notifications when comments are left on my blog. So last week I tried to install comments by Haloscan instead. In the process I realized that I would lose all my previous comments (they are still archived on Blogger's system, but I can't display them along with the Haloscan comments). So I am still futzing around. If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share via e-mail.