Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Coping With Post-Election Blues

I'm so depressed.

I had to do something to try to cheer myself up. So, in honor of George W. Bush, I bring you a picture of the perfect gift for the man in your life: argyle golf socks, with the shoe pattern knit right in.

I came across the pattern when I was looking through some of my older knitting books, searching for a stitch pattern for an afghan block.* Aren't they spiffy? Aren't you just dying to make some for holiday gifts? Can't you just see them knit up in red, white, and blue? They would go perfectly with the golf hats you see here.

*I don't usually knit afghans. But a friend asked me to make a square to contribute to a group afghan effort. It's not my favorite yarn, it's not my favorite thing to knit--especially when I have limited knitting time--but it's for a good cause. So I'm doing it with a minimum of whining.
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