Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yesterday I filled three leaf bags with the "help" of my preschooler. It barely made a dent in the leaves on the ground, and there are about this many still left on the trees:

Today both of my girls were napping, at the same time. This never ever happens. But was I knitting? Taking a nap to try to ease my chronic sleep deprivation? No. Instead, I filled four more leaf bags. Tomorrow you won’t even be able to tell. Sigh.

An aside: Our new neighbor is a retired man who is doing a lot of work on the fixer-upper next door so that he can sell it in a year or two. He commented today that he had forgotten how much work the leaves can be, since he had nine children and he used to have them do all the yardwork. "But," I said, "Wasn’t it a lot of work to raise nine children?"
"Naah," he replied.
Somehow I think his wife might have answered differently.
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